Sunday, November 15, 2015

“Part of a Man” by Christopher Watson – A Song Review

     Blues is a genre beyond the expertise of Indie Obsessive, so we normally stand clear and allow other bloggers to feature the interesting songs within the genre. There are exceptions. Flavor Blues-based electric guitar with a splash of Soul and add Soulful Folk vocals, and our confidence level jumps. That is our description of Christopher Watson’s “Part of a Man.”

     “Part of a Man” is the title track of a six-song album scheduled for release on Tuesday, November 17. It would be interesting to know whether the song is about the relocation of Christopher Watson from his hometown of Tampa, Florida to his current base of Brooklyn. As noted in the lyrics:
Sweet Goodbye, don't you do me wrong
Father's on my side, Mother is my home
But there's a time to move on
And find where you belong in this world.

     The digital album may be accessed at the Bandcamp site:

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