Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Two Extended Intensity Builds

       Most crescendos occur during a small portion of a song. They are energizing. Here are two songs with extended builds.

     SUAD is a Finnish singer-songwriter. She is set to release her debut solo album in early 2021. “I’ve been in many bands that at first I didn’t consider myself as a solo artist, I wanted to write songs with others. But after I moved to a new city to study music I ended up on the path I am now. I found myself on my own, so I began writing songs alone”, SUAD tells of the first steps of her career.

     “Streets” by Suad – the extended piano-driven crescendo begins when the vocals end at 2:20.

     Luke Nao is based in Ulm, Germany. In his song “Roccastrada,” the crescendo begins at 3:04.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Three Guitar-driven Singles

      Guitar-driven singles are not as plentiful as they were during the Classic Rock era. But they are still appreciated. Here are three from 2020 that qualify as guitar-driven, but to different degrees.

     The members of Crystal Cites are Geoff Rana (vocals, guitars), Jared King (bass, backing vocals), and Daniel Conte (drums). The trio is based in Sydney, Australia. 

      “Shadow of a Doubt” by Crystal Cities


     The Marquis are another strong trio from Sydney. The members are Nick Johnson (drums), Conor O’Donoghue (vocals, guitar), and Daniel O’Toole (bass)

     “Strangers” by The Marquis

     RAMES are a four-member band based in London. They are Alan Li (rhythm guitar, vocals), Oli Zanetti (lead guitar), Joseph Bedford (bass) and Joe Jarvis (drums)

     “Won't Be Long” by RAMES

“Forget Me Nots” by Town Meeting – A Song Post


     Comprised of brothers Luke Condon (vocals, guitar), Russ Condon (vocals, drums), Brendan “Babe” Condon (vocals, harmonica, percussion), Tim Cackett (Mandolin, lead guitar, vocals), and Derek Fimbel (bass, banjo, vocals). Town Meeting formed in 2013 in Ayer, Massachusetts, informed by a deep love of listening and playing the music they grew up with. They soon combined their love of 60s and 70s folk rock with the raw, unbridled energy of punk music.

     “Forget Me Nots” by Town Meeting