Friday, August 11, 2017

Catching Up - First Blush and 8/7 Central

     SubmitHub is a site that allows artists to reach out to bloggers, video posters, and labels. There is a 48-hour time limit to respond to the artist. Sometimes, we don’t fully appreciate a song until after the the time has expired. Here are some examples of blogworthy submissions that deserve attention.
     Quoting content from the post on SubmitHub:
  "First Blush is the brainchild of Charles Sekel… First Blush's music centers around themes of depression and isolation, and the struggle to be optimistic while journeying through the darker corners of the psyche. Borrowing from sources as diverse as The Beach Boys and The Who to M83 and The Flaming Lips, First Blush melds its influences under a cloak of distorted and atmospheric textures."

     “Just Noise” by First Blush


     Again quoting the submission from the band:
  “Our name is 8/7 Central; we’re a multi-national band currently based out of Brooklyn, NY. We are going to be releasing our debut EP this September in Berlin, Germany during our European tour to promote the record. We wanted to reach out to you guys and see if you’d want to back the single, 'Missile,' which was released on 8/7. Our sound has been described as a form of heavy new wave.”

     The members of 8/7 Central are Victor Crusner (guitar, vocals), Evan Banks (guitar), Stephen Kingslow (bass), and Florian Mewes (drums).
     “Missile” by 8/7 Central

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