Sunday, August 6, 2017

“Shadow Of A Wave” by The Vryll Society – A Song Review

     The reasons for getting excited about The Vryll Society continue to mount. Their most recent release is “Shadow Of A Wave.” The vocals remain strong, but the greater draw for this track is the guitar. One example occurs at 1:14, when the guitar re-entry after a short absence is non-intrusive, but ear-catching. The better example occurs one minute later. Through listening to music for years, we all have expectations as to where a song is heading. It’s disruptive when a band takes us elsewhere. Often it doesn’t work. The Vryll Society make it work at 2:14, when the guitar “solo” isn’t aligned with our path leading to that point.

     The Vryll Society are a Liverpool band formed of Michael Ellis (vocals), Ryan Ellis (guitar), Lewis McGuinness (guitar), Lloyd Shearer (bass), and Benjamin Robinson (drums).
     “Shadow Of A Wave” by The Vryll Society 

Lyrics of “Shadow Of A Wave” by The Vryll Society (Click the picture to enlarge.)

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