Wednesday, August 23, 2017

“Everything They Said” by Surf Rock Is Dead – A Song Review

     Embracing Surf Rock in every aspect other than their band’s name, the duo of Kevin Pariso and Joel Witenberg will push further into the Indie universe with the release of “Everything They Said.” Armed with the technical skills for sustained quick-twitch guitar and attention-gripping bass, Surf Rock Is Dead has the traction to make that push.

     “Everything They Said” is New Wave Dream-Pop with an emphasis on Surf guitar. The closest match is probably fellow Brooklynites DIIV. But Surf Rock Is Dead has a greater sophistication in its use of subtle energy shifts and guitar fills.

     Surf Rock is Dead is formed of Kevin Pariso (guitar, vocals) and Joel Witenberg (vocals, bass). Kevin is originally from Chicago and Joel from Melbourne, but they are now based in Brooklyn. Their five-track EP, "We Have No Friends?, is scheduled for release on October 6, 2017 (although the Bandcamp site indicates a slightly shorter wait period – September 22). According to the duo, the title of the EP is appropriate:
  “The phrase ‘we have no friends’ is a running joke and half-truth between the band.” Says Pariso about the namesake of the EP. “When we formed the project we would spend late weekend nights jamming and writing music instead of spending it out with friends. Putting time into a creative project definitely can hamper your social life but the idea is that the fruit it bears will be worth the sacrifices.

     “Everything They Said” by Surf Rock Is Dead 

Lyrics of “Everything They Said” by Surf Rock Is Dead
(“Inspired by the political climate in America.”)

Everything they said
They said to me
To open up the doors
To the writing on the wall

The truth is always hard
But now they see
Emptiness is there
And it’s leading to their fall

They fed us all the lies
But who believes
We should break away
So the people can be free

Everything they said
Everything they said
They’ve broken all the ties
For you and me

Everything they said
Was only lies
All the lies
They told us were the truth

Everything they said
Everything they said

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