Thursday, September 28, 2017

“NDE” by SHORE – A Song Review

     Warning: We’re headed into a dark space. But song inspirations can arrive from unpredicted directions. For example, you’re in the backseat of a car driven by the parents of your significant other (now your “ex”). The mother grabs the steering wheel from her passenger position and attempts to swerve the car into oncoming traffic. She had discovered that her husband of 24 years was seeing someone else. No one was injured, but no relationship survived. On the other hand, “NDE” is an offspring of the experience.

     “NDE” is a track from SHORE, a four-piece band from Swindon, England. The members are Harry Leigh (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Ben Tinson (bass, synth backing vocals), Nick Tucker (lead guitar, backing vocals), and Matt Bateman (drums). 

     “NDE” by SHORE

Lyrics of “NDE” by SHORE 
Oh she said, “It's fine.”
But my usual plan didn't work this time
Cold winter rain is all I can taste
The colour drains from her face

She made a discovery so bleak
Her 24-year marriage would end this week
Back seat my knees shaking my stomach sick
She tried to chase the light and take us with

Fueled with drink her rationale had ceased
My ability to keep the peace
I'll never forget those two small words
As we shook by the road and the engine whirred

She said “It's fine.”

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