Wednesday, September 6, 2017

“Prison Walls” by KEELS – A Song Review

     What draws a skilled singer/songwriter to London? Or if you’re a singer/songwriter in London, why remain in the area? There are probably strong answers. But from a distance of more than 5,000 miles, it seems that the urge would be to stay clear of that competitive environment. Perhaps the number of opportunities relative to other locations more than offsets the risk that a talented performer will be overlooked. We've searched for explanations on other blogs, but haven’t found a post.

     The latest reason for us to wonder is named Niall Keels. We heard the song “Prison Walls” a few months ago. It was bookmarked for a blogpost. Would the post have occurred earlier if KEELS were from a different area? There is a good chance that the answer is, “Yes.” The song is certainly deserving.

     “Prison Walls” by KEELS 

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