Friday, November 17, 2017

“Head Sonata (Love Control)” by Fil Bo Riva – A Song Review

     “Head Sonata (Love Control)” is dynamic in multiple dimensions. The tempo changes often, but the song maintains its flow because the transitions are fluid. From an instrumental perspective, the support slides within the range of minimalist background (such as at 2:30) to a power suitable for a cinematic alien invasion (similar to Jeff Wayne's musical version of “War of the Worlds”).

     Vocally, the song begins with gentle harmonization in voicing devotion to another. Later, the vocals are forceful, providing the proper fit with thunderous instruments. There are even variations in the approaches to energy builds. Early in the track, a build occurs in incremental steps. In comparison, beginning at 2:50, there is a steady-build crescendo that leads to an explosion of sound at 3:32.  

     Fil Bo Riva has an international flavor - being was born in Rome, raised in Dublin, and now residing in Berlin. He started as a solo project but has joined forces with guitarist Felix A. Remm and producer Robert Stephenson. While discussing the latest release, Fil Bo Riva noted:
  “The title ‘Head Sonata’ was just meant to be a name placeholder at the start. The song was built around the chorus guitar riff and the first time I heard Felix [A. Remm] play it, I felt my head spinning and it immediately gave me a trippy and repetitive feeling. A few minutes later I had the title written down. I simply liked the sound of it. These two words somehow translated my imagination of the songs soundscape… And since the track didn’t have any lyrics nor a melody for the first few months, the word ‘sonata’, literally meaning a piece played, actually suited the song very good. Finally, a breeze of inspiration came to my mind, I wrote down the lyrics and the song was finished. A ‘Head Sonata’ was born.”

     The song will be on an album scheduled for release in 2018. Tour dates are included at the bottom of this post. For the remainder of 2017, the tour is with Milky Chance.

     “Head Sonata (Love Control)” by Fil Bo Riva

18.11.17 - Amsterdam, Melkweg  (NL)
19.11.17 - Paris, Elysee Montmartre  (FR)
23.11.17 - Esch-Sur-Alzette, Rockhal (LU)
25.11.17 - Copenhagen, Vega (DK)
26.11.17 - Oslo, Parkteatret  (NO)
27.11.17 - Stockholm, Berns (SE)
29.11.17 - Warsaw, Progresja Music Zone  (PL)
02.12.17 - Zürich, Halle 622 (CH)
03.12.17 - Milan, Fabrique (IT)
04.12.17 - Vienna, Gasometer (AT)

10.04.18 - Hannover, Musikzentrum (D)
11.04.18 - Essen, Zeche Carl (D)
12.04.18 - Köln, Gebäude 9 (D)
14.04.18 - Eindhoven, Naked Songs (NL)
16.04.18 - Brighton, Hope & Ruin (UK)
17.04.18 - London, Sebright Arms (UK)
18.04.18 - Paris, Le Pop Up (FR)
20.04.18 - Aachen, Musikbunker (D)
21.04.18 - Offenbach, Hafen 2 (D)
22.04.18 -Trier, Exhaus (D)
25.04.18 - Monthey, Pont Rouge (CH)
26.04.18 - Milano, Magnolia (IT)
28.04.18 - Zürich, Plaza (CH)
29.04.18 - München, Ampere (D)
01.05.18 - Vienna, Flex (AT)
02.05.18 - Nürnberg, Musikzentrale (D)
03.05.18 - Leipzig, UT Connewitz (D)
12.05.18 - Bremen, Lagerhaus (D)

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