Tuesday, August 7, 2018

“Chilling Out” by Blood Tigers – A Song Feature

      Blood Tigers has an MGMT-esque “electric feel,” but with a cleaner, brighter sound and an increased creativity in percussion. “Chilling Out” includes simple-yet-alluring hand clap percussion that enters with lyrics harmonized by a combination of lead vocals and higher octave, understated backing vocals. It’s an attractive blend even without the synth and guitar hooks.

      “Chilling Out” is the most summer-ready song from Blood Tigers’ EP “Outer Space Dream.” We also recommend “Ghost Of The Past,” which is similarly infectiously bouncy, but carries a tension that is absent from “Chilling Out.”

     Blood Tigers is the Brooklyn-based music project of designer and filmmaker Christian Haberkern in collaboration with Youtoocanwoo Studio. Quoting the Bandcamp site, the project is "made from the vivid imagination of a visual artist and musician."

     “Chilling Out” by Blood Tigers 

     “Ghost Of The Past” by Blood Tigers 

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