Wednesday, August 22, 2018

“Let Go” by KidEyes – A Song Feature

     KidEyes is a duo in Los Angeles, a city that is increasingly relevant in the Indie Universe. The duo only has a pair of singles, and the content on their Facebook page is sparse, but the evidence points to the wisdom of tracking the work from KidEyes.

     The songwriting and vocal skills of KidEyes are perhaps most apparent during the 30 seconds starting at the three-minute mark of “Let Go.” The song seamlessly transitions from thunderous percussion and powerful vocals to hushed megaphone-type vocals supported by minimalist acoustic guitar – then explosively returns.

     Thank you Angie at Neon Soapbox ( for sending us information about KidEyes. The duo is made up of vocalist Greg Cahn, formerly of the Los Angeles based electronic group Mind the Gap (MTG), and producer/multi-instrumentalist Ben Epand, formerly of the band Queen Caveat. 

     “Let Go” by KidEyes 

     “Love Better” by KidEyes

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