Friday, August 31, 2018

“Haunting Me” by Vess – A Song Feature

     “Haunting Me” includes a succession of features, many of which leave the listener wishing for more. At least initially, the lead vocals understandably and rightfully grip the listener’s focus. It’s only after relaxing that focus that subtle features, which significantly contribute to the allure of the track, rise to the surface of attention.

     The lushness of the lead vocals of the Vess single is likely achieved by overdubbing his voice. The more subtle feature is the periodic injection of female backing vocals. It is most apparent at the 2:17 mark, because of a combination of the mixing and the percussion switch from drums to spaced hand claps. Instrumentally, we are particularly partial to the higher active mandolin (we believe) that begins at 0:35. “Haunting Me” is dynamic and other fans of the track will certainly find other features even more attractive.

     According to Vess:
  "'Haunting Me' carries with it an idea of a love that has been haunting me like a Spirit, studying me up close while I sleep, and interacting with me while I’m awake. It’s a love that adores me, yet stays elusive and coy all the while. This song started out as bits and pieces of an unfinished concept but really came together in the studio both musically and lyrically. Some of the lyrics were finished just prior to me going in to sing them. Some songs are just like that I suppose; they don’t take on a tangible existence until you’re forced to complete them.”

     Vess is Jeremy Michael Vess in North Caolina. His versatility helps explain the dynamic nature of “Haunting Me.” In addition to his vocal skills, Vess plays guitar, piano, keys, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, drums, percussion and bass. The song is the third release from the upcoming album “Shadows,” with Michael Finster (Flagship) as the producer. “Never Leave You Alone”, the first single from “Shadows,” is a haunting melody that leaves you both comforted by a promise that "love will never leave you…” and uneasy in our psyche as we wrestle with the concept of commitment from a love that will be constantly lurking, even if we run away. The second single is “Scaring The Dark.”

     “Haunting Me” by Vess

     Quoting interesting bio content:
  Songs of great sincerity and palpable emotional depth, anthems of revelrous celebration, ballads where darkness encounters the light, and psalms of earnest love; these are the kinds of musical expressions Vess has been writing his whole life and now, with the help of producer Michael Finster, this combination of lyrical strength intertwines with an orchestral-like vibrancy to deliver Vess’ new album ‘Shadows.’

  With ‘Shadows,’ Vess emerges from the dense fog of a fatally shallow pop culture to deliver a timely message: Love is real, it’s eternal and it’s worth fighting for. ‘Shadows’ is the culmination of one man’s journey with love, self-doubt, redemption and the divine.

  These are the themes that weigh heavy on the mind of a seasoned troubadour like Vess, a man who has spent his life honing his craft. Born and raised in North Carolina, he spent his formative years on the coast, calling Cape Hatteras home for many years. But his NC roots spread wide as much of his family are from the mountains, while he himself resides now in the central part of the state in Salisbury, NC with his wife and baby daughter.

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