Friday, February 15, 2019

“Sometimes Solitude” by Little Man – A Song Feature

     “Sometimes Solitude” delivers nostalgia to music lovers who have experienced an immersion into the sea of Classic Rock and carries an education for Indieheads without that experience, but who have a respect and appreciation for the roots of today’s music. Better yet, it does so within a vehicle having a polish that reflects modern day sensibilities.

    In “Sometimes Solitude,” Little Man captures the soul of the acoustic classics of Led Zeppelin, such as “Battle of Evermore” and “Going to California.” While the credits for the song don’t identify the mandolin, the late portion of the intro lifts the listener with a blend that has the enchantment of an acoustic guitar/mandolin mix. “Sometimes Solitude” does employ a mellotron, which was a favored instrument in songs from The Kinks, The Zombies, Moody Blues and The Beatles (“Strawberry Fields Forever"). For most of the song, the vocals are pleasing while remaining detached from any specific era. Then, when “Sometimes Solitude” temporarily takes on a Rock edge, the vocals adopt Robert Plant characteristics.

    If asked for our favorite span of the song from Little Man, the easy selection begins at 2:32 and continues to 2:49. That is when “Sometimes Solitude” exits its Rock edge, vocally caresses a poignant thought (I once thought about how sad I'd be, if I never heard the sound within me) in minimal instrumental support, and returns to the song’s acoustic float with a percussion emphasis.

     Little Man is from Minneapolis, Minnesota, having Christopher Perricelli as the frontman. The credits of “Sometimes Solitude” identify:
 Chris Perricelli - Vocals, guitars
 Sean Gilchrist - Drums
 Brian Herb - Bass
 John Fields - Mellotron, synth, percussion

     The song was produced by John Fields (Soul Asylum, Jonas Brothers, Switchfoot, Miley Cyrus). According to Little Man, the release of singles is leading to a full length release this Spring/Summer; song content: introvert, traveling, the moon, light and dark, being by yourself, nature, zen, spiritual.

     “Sometimes Solitude” by Little Man

Lyrics of “Sometimes Solitude” by Little Man
When I think about
All you do for me
Every day of the year

You're everything to me
Nothing more to be
I keep on showing myself

When I'm traveling
To or where or when
I keep on telling myself

Well, sometimes solitude
Comes across as rude
But I feel good when I'm there

Well, when the moonlight sky gives birth to midnight
(Black as night, black as night)
It all begins from here
From the dark to light
(Black as night, black as night)
I once thought about how sad I'd be
If I never heard the sound within me

Early morning rise
Coolness in the air
Heading out on my way

'Cause sometimes solitude
Energizes me
To be alive every day

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