Friday, November 30, 2018

“Desterilized” by Doombird – A Song Feature

     This might be our first post that leads with praise of the bass. In “Desterilized,” the bass serves its typical function as a rhythm instrument, but does so in a leadership role. The song is the work of Doombird, a band based in Sacramento, California. They pride themselves on creating a hybrid of live instrumentation and electronic sounds (organic vs inorganic or analog vs digital). The battle is won by live instrumentation/organic/analog in the song “Desterilize.”

     The members of Doombird are Kris Anaya (guitar, vocals), Joe Davancens (synths), Ben Edrington (guitar, synths), Cory Phillips (bass), Kris Anaya (guitar, vocals), and Fernando Oliva (drums).

     “Desterilized” by Doombird

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