Friday, November 23, 2018

“Tell Me How This Ends” by Curtsy – An Album Feature

     Showing that they are not a one-issue wonder, Curtsy released the 10-song album “Tell Me How This Ends.” The melodies are varied, so the album is consistently “fresh.” Curtsy has a sound it calls its own, although “It’s Not My Fault” is attractively similar to characteristics of Mutemath during its heyday. More importantly, Curtsy takes on real-life issues, and does so with intelligent lyrics.

     “It's Not My Fault” is the best vehicle for appreciating the instrumental skills of the band members, even more than the all-instrument track that leads the album. “It’s Not My Fault” is lick-laden and percussion-powered, particularly in the final minute. This is our favorite track from the perspective of energy. Unlike other songs on the album, there aren’t insights or motivations. It's a denial fitting for today's political climate. But it is done with an infectious drive.

      The lyrics of “Life Through A Glass" have a number of quoteworthy lines, including “You can't blame a heart for the blood that runs through it.” The messaging is one position in the “nature verses nurture” discussion set to music. “The dust arranges to make you who are,” so “Before you blame yourself realize that nothing is chance.” The band explains:
  "‘You can't blame a heart for the blood that runs through it’ suggests a sense of universal empathy for everyone, regardless of the hand they've been dealt.”

     “Vista Del Mar” is a powerful track. The power remains even in the final minute, when the instruments fade away and only the message remains, with its a cappella and staccato deliver. Curtsy explains the song in a gender-neutral manner:
  “'Vista Del Mar' is about a talented musician that had the tendency to act out of control, black out, be overcome with madness, and wander into house parties that they weren’t invited to. One night, they lit their mother’s bed on fire while being in a blacked out state of mind. They ended up in Aurora Vista Del Mar Hospital, a mental institution that burned down in the Ventura fire last year."

          Quoting content about another strong track on the “Tell Me How This Ends” album:
  “'A Better Pet' combines unforgiving rhythmic momentum with captivating melodies to evoke the self-destructive apprehension that too often plagues the insecure romantic. It's about an individual who picks fights in their first relationship because they're more comfortable with chaos than coming to terms with the idea of needing someone."

About Curtsy:
Curtsy is an indie-rock five piece consisting of Austin Knecht, Crystal Napoles, Kai Dodson, Tamara Simons, and Jonathan Palmquist. Curtsy was formed when Austin Knecht (vocals, guitar) auditioned as a lap steel player for a country-folk band fronted by Crystal Napoles (vocals, keys). After bonding over their mutual love of 80s pop and 90s shoegaze, the pair began writing together. Jonathan Palmquist (drums), Kai Dodson (bass), and Tamara Simons (guitar) joined the pair along the way, forming a completive, rich rhythm section. Their sound incorporates lush indie pop with dreamy guitars over driving rhythms and haunting boy/girl harmonies wrapped around perfect pop hooks—a sound that creates something both familiar and unique.

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  1. I recall you sharing Life as a glass before. Great track. Cool band. Wish them all the success.