Tuesday, November 20, 2018

“Prism” by Radio Skies – A Song Feature

     For two and a half minutes, we enjoyed “Prism.” It only took another minute to ramp that enjoyment up to an esteem. Leading into the “ramp-up” minute, a short instrument-driven crescendo ends with a momentary instrumental break, when the vocals melodically and emphatically announce, “Love is a prism!” Without waiting for completion of the announcement, the rhythm section powerfully seizes control.

     Other features can dance atop the rhythm, but must remain deferential. Initially, the dance is from the vocals with their “Love is a prism” chant. Then, the vocals dropout, the Latin-sensibilities of the percussion become more apparent, and a science fiction-like keyboard begins to dance atop the rhythm section.

     The members of Radio Skies are Danny Boy Wright (vocals, guitar), Oliver “Oliwa” Newell (keyboard), Ethan Glazer (bass, vocal harmony), Eric Sullivan (guitar), and Erin “Syd” Sidney (drums). Friends Danny Boy and Oliwa “accidently” started the band while working on some new music together in Oliwa’s ‘65 Airstream studio amidst a large orange grove at the foot of the Topatopa Mountains in Ventura County, California. Radio Skies describes its music as “Folk Roots Electronic Psychedelia from the mountains of Ojai, California.”

     “Prism” is a track from the nine-song album “Double Life.” The full album can be accessed and purchased at the usual sites, including https://radioskies.bandcamp.com/.

     “Prism” by Radio Skies

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