Monday, November 19, 2018

“Matriarch” by Dogwood Last – A Song Feature

     “Matriarch” is a reminder of why the time and energy placed in music discovery is justifiable. For us, it brings a warmth from the appreciation that musicians have a love for and a dedication to their craft that cannot be defended on the basis of commercial success or popularity. For Dogwood Last, we hope the momentum begins to build soon. But at the time of this post, the Soundcloud stream of “Matriarch” had 22 listens after two months.

     “Matriarch” begins with a banjo that is not satisfied with the tempo of the vocals. The banjo is near frantic in support of intelligent, introspective lyrics. Strong! Yet, Dogwood Last is a risk-taker. The expectations for the remainder of the track are set when a hint of high level vocal processing enters (at 1:24). [Wait, are we going Hip-Hop? No, it was momentary, we’re back to the banjo.] Then, more melodic vocal processing hits with force at 1:53. [Wow! Where did that come from? I hope there’s more!] There is more. 

     Dogwood Last is Kory Burrell of Queens, New York. The credits for “Matriarch” identify Kory as providing the vocals, banjo, guitars, synths, bass, drums, and programming. Thomas Wincek is credited for the vocal processing and programming.

     “Matriarch” by Dogwood Last – A Song Review

Lyrics of “Matriarch” by Dogwood Last
We’re ditching pointless hazardry
I revel in this comfortability
Baby, it scares the hell out of me

Not all our doors are shut
But the buzzing, burning
Deep within my gut
Ardor crane, it pulls me
From the rut

Most of all you amass
A joy that I just can’t pass
And though the debt’s from our pasts
The purse is the present

Your affection
It’s an infection
And I want it to take me down

I’m sick of all my implementing
Of all my selfish venting
All the rules I’m erecting
I wanna carry this to the close

So cut the complications
This ain’t no consecration
But this fixation’s got me racing
So cure my concerns

They’ll be no casualties
If all of this goes casually
But through the past two weeks
Baby I’m not sure

In your hell, a gift
So for your son I know you live
But in our weathered kiss,
I think, maybe I could too

Ohhh, take all of my reverence
Ohhh, we’re seeking severance

Ohhh, maybe the jester’s just my part
When darling, you’re the matriarch

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