Thursday, September 12, 2019

“Winding River” by GoldenStates - A Song Feature

     “Winding River” is a powerful demonstration of the magnetic attraction of a well-designed bass line. But the song from GoldenStates brings in other forces that enrich the texture and strength of the attraction. It is most apparent during the bridge that begins at 2:49.

     Lyrically, “Winding River” is interesting, beginning with the description of the winding river that surrounds our soul. The description is followed by a momentary pause, leading to a more energetic segment of the single.

     GoldenStates is the project of Brantley Gutierrez and Harrison Kipner. Quoting the bio:
GoldenStates taps into the fun, fever and drive of life in the modern digital age. The sonic architecture of GoldenStates lays a frame work for a visceral take on love and life in 21st century.

     “Winding River” by GoldenStates

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