Thursday, February 20, 2020

“By and By” by Native – A Song Feature

     There is a gentle beauty to “By and By.” And there is an anonymity to its originator, Native. His concerts are typically in Europe (Poland, Germany and Switzerland), but he visits the Los Angeles area. For the release of “By and By,” he stated that it is “the first single of my upcoming album. written together with my good friend and incredible songwriter michael kaiser (@apieceofcoffee ). produced, recorded and mixed by jordan ruiz (@thejordanruiz ).

     “By and By” by Native

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Lyrics of “By and By” by Native
Two stones in my pocket
Thirty thousand in the air
Splitting thoughts on the wings of the airplane
I'll call you when I'm there

Same old town
Same old feeling
Different houses
Different floor
And I burn another cigarette
So I can light one more

By and by

Come on take your chances
Ain't that what a heart is for
Flip a coin I'll let you call it
I ain't good at love no more

By and by

Do you remember
The trees we planted
The trees we grew?

Do you remember
The trees we planted
The trees we grew?

And when the day comes
I hope our branches
Bring you shade

And when the wind blows
I know our leaves
Will call your name

By and by

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