Tuesday, February 25, 2020

“Sinew (Change My Name)” by _people. – A Song Feature

     “Sinew (Change My Name)” is a homeland of texture diversity and attractive guitar hooks. The mastery of _people. and their dedication to their craft are apparent from the layering during the minute-long intro. For a few seconds, there is an eerie modulation with distant, incomprehensible talking. A somewhat chilling bass joins, adding to the mystery as to the direction of “Sinew (Change My Name).” Slightly later, a guitar shines a first light on the song’s path, which becomes clearer when a second guitar joins. _people. (pronounced “underscore people”) is the guide along a journey having an intriguing unpredictability.

     The band from Salt Lake City, Utah, explains that “Sinew (Change My Name)” is a journey through wrestling with purpose, faith, family, identity, and truth. The vocals are driven by Caleb Brooks Yetton, although harmonization significantly adds to the attractiveness. The second voice is likely a female, but there is some doubt, since the other three members are male - Collin Joseph McInroy, Joseph Young, and Nathan Porter.

      The vocals typically are in step with the melody, but there are times during which the voices embrace the lyrics. That is, the vocals are pleasingly melodic, other than when voice inflections evidence anguish. It should be noted that the percussion also contributes to the power of “Sinew (Change My Name).” The drums are particularly strong after the short pause that occurs around the 3:18 mark.

     “Sinew (Change My Name)” by _people. (from their five-song album “You Can’t Speak”)

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