Wednesday, May 1, 2019

“In the Capital” by Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – A Song Feature

     “In the Capital” has a tempo and a rhythm with an infectious energy. Interestingly, Fran Keaney, a member of Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, explains, “I first had the idea for the melody and some of the lyrics when I was swimming. It’s taken a while to finish the song, to make it feel like the initial feeling. I can’t neatly describe it, but something like connection despite distance. I was thinking about transience and water and death and big cities and fishing towns and moon river.”

     Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever is a quintet in Melbourne, Australia. The members are Tom Russo (electric guitar, vocals), Fran Keaney (acoustic guitar, vocals), Joe White (electric guitar, vocals), Joe Russo (bass), and Marcel Tussie (drums).
     In the next three months (May-July, 2019), the tour schedule of Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever includes the continents of Australia, North America and Europe. The full schedule is available at the website of the band (included below), but from our perspective, the most significant visit will the June 10 stop in San Francisco - for ticket information CLICK HERE.

     “In the Capital” by Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever 

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