Thursday, May 9, 2019

“Willow” by Junaco – A Song Feature

     “Willow” is the inverse of our typical song-emotions pairing. That is, instead praising a song for its ability to surface an emotion, we’ll quote a member of Junaco, who explains that “Willow” is inspired by emotions. Shahana Jaffer states:
  “Emotions are often intensified by our surroundings. We rarely separate the two - when we are inspired by a feeling it is all encompassed by the environment we are in. The message of this music is to except those feelings rather than trying to mask them.”

     Junaco is the duo of Shahana Jaffer and Joey LaRosa, who are based in Los Angeles. LaRosa is a guitarist and percussionist, while Jaffer is a pianist. They share vocal responsibilities. In the live session of “Willow” (embedded below), Kit Perkins plays bass and Tejas Leier Heyden contributes guitar and backing vocals.

     “Willow” by Junaco 


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