Friday, May 3, 2019

“Self-Portrait at 24” by Zanzinger – A Song Feature

     The enchantment of “Self-Portrait at 24” arrives from multiple directions. A favorite is the Ian Anderson (Jetro Tull) style flute that floats in and out of the single. The guitar leads the rhythm, but the percussion is praiseworthy.

      The song belongs to Zanzinger, which is the performance name of Daniel Micsoda. The vocalist/songwriter is from Budapest, Hungary. Micsoda provides the guitar and vocals on “Self-Portrait at 24.” Other key contributors are Fanni Zahár (flute), András Halmos (percussion), and Ernő Hock (bass, double bass).

Lyrics of “Self-Portrait at 24” by Zanzinger
It’s time to figure out
A place to be your leading ligh
Where you’ll be home
Where a road has nowhere to go

There you’ll have a sip of wine
Don’t be afraid when you find
Yourself alone
On a road with nowhere to go

And there you’ll flip a dime
Cry your eyes out
As it falls
I guess these roads will keep on
Turning you down
Fuck you up

Heads you live and tails you die
Kiss her cheeks and not her mouth
Don’t forget this Ides of March
You only sweat from a ray of light
On a road with nowhere to go
A road with nowhere to go [Repeating]

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