Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Brave Baby

In the U.S., album releases typically occur on Tuesdays.  Today, the South Carolina band Brave Baby released Forty Bells.  The album includes a number of strong tracks, with "Living in a Country" being our favorite.  The band is still allowing free and legal downloads of the song from Soundcloud, but that may not be the case for long. 
The songs on the album feature some strong guitar work and attractive vocals.  Brave Baby has the potential to be a 2013 breakout, despite its seemingly inability to promote itself.  The music draws listeners to the Brave Baby website (http://bravebabymusic.com/), but the website includes little more than links to other websites.  Hopefully, this will change soon, so that fans can easily track when there are opportuities to see Brave Baby at live performances. 
Below is a choice of using Youtube or Soundcloud.


Another song from the album that is currently available for a free and legal download is "Magic and Fire."


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