Sunday, January 13, 2013

These United States

Have you ever had a school or work project with multiple components, but you put so much time and thought into one of the components that the remaining components couldn't possibly live up to the same standard.  "The Park" by These United States is GREAT. The rest of the album cannot live up to that standard.  No one's fault - it just cannot be done.

During the first 1:42 segment of the song, the lead singer paints a picture that sets up the rest of the song.  Within that segment, there is a haunting, almost country feel to the vocals and the instruments come and go non-forcefully (other than the three notes by the guitar at the 1:16 mark).
Then the drum beat triggers the energy adjustment at the start of the next segment.  But the original energy level returns temporarily, during the lyrics

You get to this place in your life,
come across all these people who inspire,
and the trick is you can’t know who’s leaving,
left behind,
or just arrived.

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