Monday, January 28, 2013

Two Indie Folk Crossovers - The Mariner's Children and Hospital

It will  be a busy week, but there will be time for some quick posts.
This post is a free and legal download alert for the U.K. band The Mariner's Children and the Russian band Hospital.  The music of both bands is a "crossover" from Indie Folk to Indie Pop/Rock.

The Mariner's Children

The Mariner's Children is a seven-piece group, which permits some powerful vocals.  This is evidenced in portions of "In My Bed." The song will be the lead for the EP, Sycamore, when it is released on March 18th.
The song was uploaded to Soundcloud only yesterday, so there are very few "plays."

The free and legal download is

Interestingly, nothing about Hospital's name or music says, "Russia."  The song "Time Will Tell" is not traditional and does not include a tell-tale accent.  The dream guitar is an attractive touch.  It's worth a listen, at least to determine whether you want to download the song.

For an update on Hospital, go to the more March 1 post at More regarding Hospital - CLICK HERE