Thursday, January 24, 2013

Deep Elm Records Samplers – For Those Who Want to Explore and Discover

Deep Elm Records is a record label that describes itself as being fiercely independent. While some indie record labels receive a degree of corporate funding, Deep Elm takes pride in being 100% independent of outside influences.
 Periodically, Deep Elm organizes a collection of songs by its musicians and allows downloads of the collection for the price of an email address. Before downloading, you can listen to each song. After the download, Deep Elm uses the email address sparingly.

 The best webpage to visit is

It seems that each sampler from Deep Elm has at least one track that makes the visit worthwhile. In the most recent sampler ("I Am in Danger"), the track is “The Lines above Our Heads” by Again for the Win.
We liked the track before we understood its significance to the band, and like it more afterward. The band is from Austin, Texas. When asked about the song, the explanation was that within a short period of time, each member of the band had experienced the death of a family member or close friend. The song reflects the process of coming to a resolution in parting with someone who will be missed. At the beginning of the song, the capabilities of the lead singer seem to be stretched as he describes being in the room with the person, quietly dealing with the inevitable. But as the instruments are added and the force of the commitment is increased, the vocals are solid.  In the last statements, it's clear that the resolution has been reached:
Go where you want to be. 
I am where I need to be."


If you venture to Deep Elm, happy hunting.