Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Free, Legal and Recommended - "End"

Blank Maps is offering its new single - "Everything Ends."  They are a guitar-heavy band from the U.K, with some shoegaze mixed in with crisp rhythem guitar.  Technically, it's not a 2013 song, since the song was released in late Decemeber.  Still, it is interesting to consider which bands have the potential of being a breakout band of 2013.  We aren't predicting Blank Maps will be such a band, since their earlier 2012 releases ("Further Maths/Projections) did not catch the attention of the music world.  But what is it that allows far less talented bands to become far more successful?
"Everything Ends"

Then, there is Red Aces - More good music from Melbourne Austrailia.  They are offering "The End."  The band is comprised of four brothers.  That could lead to good chemistry, or it could be a mess.  The family band hasn't worked well for Kings of Leon, but Red Aces probably has fewer personal issues.
"The End"

This is "Ends of the World" by Lord Huron.  It is from a performance on "World Cafe" as part of an interview in November, 2012.

Finally, there is Royal Concept from Stockholm.  The band is allowing free downloads of "In the End."  We like this song, but the Royal Concept song that attracts the most attention is "Gimme Twice."  If you're waiting impatiently for the upcoming album from Phoenix, "Gimme Twice" will help.  The song channels Phoenix.
"In the End"

"Gimme Twice" a bonus track added as "the end" for this post.

The download link is not apparent in all browsers.  If you do not see it, the link is:

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