Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Trails and Ways at Cafe Du Nord - A Concert Review

We just saw Trails and Ways at a sold out show at Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco last weekend.  They are a Bay Area group from Oakland consisting of four members, all who sing (which is an impressive aspect of this indie pop group).  They classify themselves as "brazilian shoegaze" and generate an array of elate tracks that are uplifting and fun to listen to.  From what I've noticed, they're really down-to-earth individuals who clearly love what they do.  Each of the members contributes to the production and writing of the songs, and they give one another credit as the songs are played, which is awesome.

Trails and Ways does a brilliant job at capturing the audience while decorating their mic's with flowers and fairy lights.  Here is an image that I snapped on my iPhone 4, while standing in the front row.  All four members of the band are skilled musicians, but Hannah Van Loon (pictured) stood out.  She played a clean, tight lead guitar for most to the songs of the setlist.  After the start of one of the early songs, Hannah discovered that her keyboard was unresponsive, but seemlessly played her part on the guitar.  I doubt many people noticed the problem, until the band praised her after the conclusion of the song. 

I've really enjoyed listening to the music they've released in 2012 and am looking forward to what is to come in the future.  Below is "Border Crosser."  Unfortunately, it is no longer a free download.

Opening for Trails and Ways were My Satellite from Los Angeles and Tremor Low, another Bay Area band.  We recommend all three bands, particularly in a live setting.

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