Sunday, February 22, 2015

“Into the Wild” by Victoria – A Song Review

     A visit to the website of the London band Victoria immediately triggers the loop mode for the song “Into the Wild.” We have two comments. First, the song is strong enough to meet the scrutiny that any song experiences when repeatedly played. Second, because Victoria has been performing “Into the Wild” since at least April 2013, they likely have other material ready for release soon (such as the song “Lights” (below), but with an electric guitar).
     Embedded below are the 2015 version of “Into the Wild” (Soundcloud) and a 2013 version (Youtube).  In the 2013 recording, Victoria utilizes a cello, which was played by Joe Ware. In every other aspect, the 2015 version is far superior. The forcefulness of the percussion is very noticeably increased. Similarly, vocal power increases, rather than decreasing, when the instruments momentarily step back late in the song (at the 2:28 mark of the Soundcloud version and at the 2:35 mark in the Youtube version). Additionally, the Angels and Airwaves guitar sound seems more at home in the current approach (that guitar sound is first featured at 1:08).
      The members of Victoria are Alex Thomas (guitar), Charlie Martin (keys and backing vocals), Chris Moore (drums), Harry Johnson (bass) and Joe Housley (lead vocals and acoustic guitar).

     “Into the Wild” by Victoria

     "Into The Wild" (Surrey Sessions)  - April 2013

     “Lights" by Victoria

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