Monday, February 2, 2015

A Concert Review- Magic Giant and Joy and Madness

     Going through the list of our Best Songs of 2014 list, we were seeking a show to attend by one of those featured artists at a favorite local concert venue before the month was over. We were thrilled when Magic Giant was making an appearance at the Brick and Mortar on Saturday night. We blogged about the band in January of 2014 (if you're interested in reading that post, CLICK HERE) and we feel fortunate to be blogging a concert review on their live performance a year later. The band is based in Venice Beach, Los Angeles and they classify their genre as “Folk Revival”. There are four members - Austin Bis on lead vocals, Zambricki on the mandolin and banjo, Brian Z on the bass and acoustic guitar, and DJ AJK on drums. 
     The band certainly did not disappoint. They came out with “war paint” on their faces and enough energy to get everyone on their feet and to the front of the stage.  One highlight was when lead singer, Ausin Bis came out fire ablaze beating his own drum, front and center stage.

     A favorite song of ours is “Glass Heart” (in fact, is the song that made our Best Songs of 2014 list), and we feel that we are going to be hearing a lot more of the band in 2015. They have played at the Sweetlife Music Festival and hoping they’ll be back in San Francisco for Outside Lands this year! 

     What was really pleasantly surprising was the band that opened for them, Joy and Madness. They’re a funky soulful band consisting of 8 members; Joe Cohen, Bobby G, Miss Nyxi, Hans Eberbach, Tony Marvellim Andrew Enberg, Raul Sandoval, and Jeremy Springer.  We love a band with a brass section! I even had the pleasure of exchanging some words with the Miss Nyxi before they performed. Overall, a very personable band that put on a great show!

     Here are two of their songs that really resonated with us.

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  1. This is Hans from Joy and Madness. Thanks for the mention and the kind words and for posting these songs. We have a new EP coming this summer that marks a real evolution for the band. Here's an early mix of the first song we're releasing this Friday May 8th. It's still got a few little things that need to be tightened up but you'll get it.
    I also have a band called Hans! and the Hot Mess that I describe as Amos Lee meets Cee-Lo. :) Here's the full album: