Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sundara Karma – A Band Review

     In discussions among music lovers with the time to stay reasonably current on the new releases, it is common to ask for predictions as to which little known bands will soon experience popularity explosions. The discussion first turns to factors that make the predictions difficult. The next step is to identify bands that deserve far more attention than they receive and an equal number of bands with a popularity that is baffling.
     Let’s cut to the final part of the discussion - when bands are named as possibilities.  Indie Obsessive names the U.K. band Sundara Karma. With each release by the band, the foundation for the prediction solidifies. Most teenagers are just searching for a direction, but the four that form Sundara Karma appear to have selected a musical destination and  to possess a roadmap as to how to get there.
     The most recent track from Sundara Karma is “Waves,” which supplants “Loveblood” as our favorite from the group. Both surfaced in 2015 and will be among the four tracks on “EPI, which is scheduled for release on February 23.
     Sundara Karma is based in Reading/Berskshire, U.K. The band name is Hindu based. In Hinduism and Buddism, “karma” relates to moral causation. Sundara is a Sanskrit term that generally means “beautiful” or “noble.” A band with good karma? The members of Sundara Karma are Oscar Lulu (vocals and guitar), Haydn Evans (drums), Ally Baty (guitar) and Dom Cordell (bass). 



     “Hustle" - not a track on "EPI"

Sundara Karma - Hustle from Colin Greenall on Vimeo.

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