Saturday, February 7, 2015

Song with Energy Builds – “Only Names” and “Apocalypse”

     Songs with extended energy builds (long crescendos) have a hold on Indie Obsessive. At times, the energy builds can carry a listener with it, eventually delivering you to a “better space.” The songs “Only Names” by Dalton and “Apocalypse” by Moon King have recently had that effect on us.

     Dalton is the performance name of Nate Harar. He identifies Washington, D.C. as his hometown, but his current location is either or both of Brooklyn and Los Angeles, depending upon what source you use. The self-titled debut album, “Dalton” is scheduled to drop February 24 (the U.K. release date is one day sooner).
     “Only Names” has an energy build that is more subtle than most of the builds we favor. The additions of instruments play the major role, which is clear only if you listen with a purpose. Sure, the song starts out innocently enough – there is a glockenspiel-like sound for the first two notes and a bass drum joins on the third note. The somewhat distant-sounding vocals and a first electric guitar soon enter. Still, it isn’t until the second electric guitar presents itself that the “electricity” of the song becomes apparent. The percussion becomes increasingly more forceful. And at 2:09, an interesting, yet slightly disturbing, backing vocal is added. By the 3-minute mark, that backing vocal forces its way to the forefront. 

     “Only Names” by Dalton

           Dalton is currently allowing a free download of “New Time,” which will also be on the upcoming album.

     The energy build in Moon King’s “Apocalypse” is not subtle. The Soundcloud waveform shows an abrupt shift. There are builds on both sides of that shift. The first half has the feel of a steam-driven train gaining speed. The guitar is the sound from the movement along the tracks, while the percussion has the sound of regular releases of pressure of the train’s brakes. At the shift, any feeling of nostalgia or insufficient power disappears, since we’re now “flying” along the tracks.  
     Moon King is a duo in Toronto, Canada. The members are Daniel Benjamin and Maddy Wilde. The album “Secret Life” is scheduled for release on April 14.

     “Apocalypse” by Moon King

      “Roswell" by Moon King

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