Monday, February 23, 2015

“No Silence in the City” by Cold Roses – A Song Review

     Indie Obsessive has a high level of respect for bands that incorporate non-standard instruments into their music. Therefore, we respect the Philadelphia band Cold Roses, and we would even if the band’s sound weren't so intriguing. Depending upon the song, Cold Roses fuses different sets of genres that include Americana, Blues, Rock and Soul.
     Our personal favorite from Cold Roses is “No Silence in the City.” The featured instrument changes often (among the keys, horns and guitar), ensuring that the song doesn’t grow stale. And the vocal strengths of the band are a good match with the vocal demands of the song The other track that stands out is “Cutting It Close,” with its sections having emotionally driven vocals and instrumentation separated by guitar-paced interludes, as if time is required to calm down or to consider how to express the emotion.
    The members of Cold Roses are Rob Clancy (lead vocals, guitars and harmonica), Brandon Porter (bass and vocals), Alex Ayala (keyboards, piano and vocals), R.M. Webb (percussion and vocals), Tom Petraccaro (tenor saxophone) and Rick Rein (trumpet and tambourine).

     “No Silence in the City” by Cold Roses

     “Cutting It Close” by Cold Roses

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