Sunday, February 15, 2015

Wildfront – A Band Review

     It doesn’t happen often, but bands will sometimes have an instrumental sound that pushes us to immediately check the band’s tour schedule, because we want to watch the connection between the instrument, how it’s being used, and the resulting sound. It is far more common to have a gradual buildup of a desire to see a band. In early February, we heard the song “Strange Gold” and immediately checked the tour schedule of the band Wildfront. Unfortunately, the Nashville band hasn’t booked a West Coast tour.
     It’s the guitar of “Strange Gold” that distinguishes the song, although it is aided by what is likely a synth-generated trumpet sound (for example, at the 0:28 mark) and the percussion. The song is the title track of the six-song release of February 7, 2015. Because we don’t have a better description, we’ll go with Robert Smith of The Cure playing Country Rock. One flaw with the description is that Wildfront is not a Country Rock band. They define themselves as being in the Dream Pop genre, and it seems as appropriate as any other genre label.
     Wildfront was previously Josephine and the Wildfront. The Bandcamp site for purchasing “Strange Gold” lists the members as Josephine Moore (vocals and guitar), Krista Glover (synth), Devan Kochersperger (bass), and Preston Vaughn (drums), but other band sites name John Corlew as a contributor.

     “Strange Gold” by Wildfront

     “Love Is Not Eternal” by Wildfront

     “Sovereign” by Wildfront - Currently a free download

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