Thursday, November 10, 2016

“Benzos and Cigarettes” by Rad Horror

     I always wished that I’d see you old and beautiful, we got so much younger than our souls.” Yes, “Benzos and Cigarettes” is a breakup song with a poetic flair. That fact is not apparent from the tempo. In the New Wave genre, even a song inspired by the end of a long relationship can be energizing.

     Rad Horror is a New Jersey band comprising Dylan Jackson Scott (lead vocals, guitar), Ant Peterpaul (drums), Paul Kartelias (bass, synth) and Rob Cruz (guitar, trumpet). “Benzos and Cigarettes” will be a track on the upcoming release entitled  "Before You Got Too Cool.”

Below is a portion of the email submission regarding the song:
  “I started Rad Horror because I was hugely inspired by 90s cinema and the culture that surrounded it,” shares Scott. “The music, the fashion, the love, and the hate. My older sister introduced me to this world at a very young age and it was imperative to my childhood and defined who I would inevitably become.”

  Each member of Rad Horror is a virtuosic musician, drawing from a myriad of music influences, from The Beatles and The Cure to Billy Joel and Earth Wind and Fire. “Nothing inspires me more than seeing other musicians that are truly incredible at what they do,” says Peterpaul.  “Watching the best performers and musicians in the world only makes me want to be better.”

  Rad Horror recently released their first single, “Take Me Back to Your House,” with a video soon to follow.  Their other single "The Magic and the Melancholy" perfectly showcases Scott's brooding low tenor vocal while still maintaining pop sensibility.

  The four piece also released their melodramatic cover of the Chainsmokers song “Closer,” brilliantly set inside the theme of Netflix hit series, "Stranger Things."

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