Wednesday, November 16, 2016

“Vaseline” by Mowbeck – A Song Review

     Mowbeck defines its music as “Gritpop,” a gritty Pop. That’s fair, although we would add the Rock aspect that is evidenced in many of their songs.
     “Vaseline” is a good example of the grittiness. The lyrics are a passionate plea for a connection. Musically, the song is an emotional build, with an almost matter-of-fact questioning approach at the start and an intense Rock guitar-supported urgency near the end (which skillfully leads to a downtempo 17-second conclusion).

Mowbeck is from Nottingham, UK. The members are Andy Thomas (vocals), Phil Clark (bass), Finn Mclean (drums), and Lee Hamilton-Cooper (guitar). 
     “Vaseline” by Mowbeck

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