Saturday, November 19, 2016

“Good Medicine” by Laura Burhenn – A Song Review

     There must be a good story behind the misspelling of Burhenn at her Soundcloud streams. The account uses her band’s name, The Mynabirds, so it should be easy to drop the first “n” from Laura Burnhenn.
     Laura Burhenn has lyrics that tell a good story. In ‘Good Medicine” she tells us
Ya, them judges keep passing down bullshit sentences
Another rich white boy getting off on his privilege
You'll be in prison for the rest of your life
By the shit he put to you that night.

Still you stand and sing your name
Even though your voice shakes
Keep singing, the glass that holds you in
It'll break.

     Burhenn is the face of The Mynabirds, a band based in Los Angeles.
     “Good Medicine” by Laura Burhenn

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