Monday, November 28, 2016

Holly Throsby feat. Mark Kozelek "What Do You Say?" – A Song Review

     It’s a duet that primarily uses a question-and-answer format. Holly Throsby's voice asks the questions, with the exception of perhaps the most significant one. Toward the end, the male voice (Mark Kozelek of Sun Moon Kill) asks, “Do you forgive me? Do you forgive me?” Her response is “Yes.” Before her response to that question, he repeatedly deflects the two-part request for continued commitment to their relationship:
Q: What do you love?
A: I love you, still.
Q: What do you say?
A: No, you say it best.

     But after she states her forgiveness, the second part ends with his commitment:
A: I say, “Yes.”

     Musically, there is much to appreciate. The song begins with an acoustic guitar. An electric guitar makes its entrance in an understated manner, then pushes forward as the song continues. The questions by Holly Throsby carry emotion, but the inflections in the vocals from Mark Kozelek push the song into the realm of the emotional driven. 
     Holly Throsby feat. Mark Kozelek "What Do You Say?"

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