Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Visiting Some Old Friends – An Emphasis on Vocals

     Here are three songs by musicians we have praised in past posts. In each case, our appreciation for the song has increased over the months since the release of the song.

     We’re guilty of judging too quickly! The first half of “Twenty Years” by Fred Page is good. But it wasn’t until recently that we recognized the emotional artistry in the crescendos and decrescendos occurring after the two-minute mark.
     Fred Page is a singer/songwriter in London.

     Matthew and the Atlas are based in Aldershot, England. The members are Matt Hegarty, James Drohan, Tommy Heap, Alex Roberts, and Emma Gatrill.
     “Elijah” by Matthew and the Atlas

     AFRAKITE is the solo project of Mathieu LeGuerrier, who is a multi-instrumentalist in Montreal.
     “Grown Apart” by AFRAKITE

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