Thursday, November 17, 2016

“Glow” by Idle Frets – A Song Review

     The lyrics of “Glow” are built around a mournful wanting. He made a connection with her, but she remains in a relationship that he views as troubled. The vocals establish the emotion behind the wanting. However, it’s the instrumental arrangement that sets the song apart from other songs on our playlist.
     The sophistication of the arrangement is evident during the first 30 seconds. At the start, “Glow” is atmospheric, as the instruments allow the vocals to establish the emotional setting. Soon, the guitars make their presence, as the vocals describe the “one night” and how she is discounting its meaning. At the 29-second mark, the intensity of the instruments is increased, as the vocals declare that her lover is taking her for granted.

     Idle Frets are based in Chester, UK. The four members are Ben Davies (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Dave Hennessy (lead guitar), Luke Lewis (bass, backing vocals), and Erin Gibson (drums, backing vocals).
     “Glow” by Idle Frets


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