Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Best Indie Songs of 2016 - Songs 21-30

     This is the third set of ten Indie songs of 2016. We acknowledge the fact that it is difficult to rank the tracks. If the process were repeated sometime next month, some shuffling would certainly occur. The bias is towards bands and artists who are not receiving the attention they desire.

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21. “Smoke” by Mosa Wild 

22. "What Do You Say?" by Holly Throsby feat. Mark Kozelek

23. "She Burns" by Foy Vance

24. “All Day All Night” by River Whyless

25. "Priestess" by Pumarosa

26. “I Need My Girl” by The National

27. “Darkness” by Oliver Daldry

28. “Better Days” by Old Sea Brigade

29. ”Blue Inside” by OnDeadWaves

30. “Jensen” by Cessna Deathwish

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