Tuesday, December 6, 2016

“To a Distant “Plain” by We Raise Bears – A Song Review

     There are very few agreements on definitions of terms used in the music universe. That’s true for even relatively harmless terms, such as “driving song.” If asked, most music lovers would likely agree that a driving song is one with a strong beat that promotes energy and can be perceived to match the periodicity of road regularities encountered by a vehicle’s tires. That is, it’s a song that motivates a driver to roll down the windows, enjoy the wind across her/his face, and belt out the lyrics.
     Well, when we identify a good driving song, we’re thinking of long drives that challenge your patience and ability to stay alert. A “drive” that requires at least six hours. With that, a driving song is one that causes time to pass without notice. Stringing a number of driving songs together makes the travel enjoyable, until the string ends. Perhaps there’s a strong beat, but it’s not a requirement.
     “To a Distant Plain” is one of the best driving songs of 2016. So what if the beat isn’t strong at the start of the song? The voice, the lyrics and the selection of instruments rejuvenate a bored driver. Even if you have no idea about the message of “To a Distant Plain,” the variations in the emotion of the vocals take the listener along a ride.

     We Raise Bears are Conor Miley and Sharon Murphy from Dublin, Ireland. 
    “To a Distant “Plain” by We Raise Bears

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