Tuesday, December 27, 2016

“Oceans Away” by ARIZONA – A Song Review

     We assume everyone has “attention hooks” that cause music hunters to be attracted to songs before hearing the first note. For a reason we cannot explain, a song title that includes the word “Home” has a competitive advantage in grabbing our attention. An odder attention hook is our attraction to band names that are geographically misdescriptive. Examples in the UK include Bastille, Bombay Bicycle Club, Texas, and Lisbon. There are Canadian bands named Tokyo Police Club and Cairo. And Phoenix is based in France.

     But attention hooks will only carry the music hunter to the start line. Once the song begins, judgement is not influenced by the song title or band name. So, praise for the song “Oceans Away” is posted because it’s deserved, rather than because the song is a release by a New Jersey band that calls itself “ARIZONA.”
     “Oceans Away” is more melodic and less beat driven than earlier releases by ARIZONA. We enjoy their single “I Was Wrong,” but prefer the more organic approach of “Oceans Away.”

     ARIZONA is a trio formed of Zach Hannah (vocals), David Labuguen (keys), and Nate Esquite (guitar). 
     “Oceans Away” by ARIZONA

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