Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wolfie’s Just Fine – The Dark Side of Folk

     Sinister Folk is an oxymoron, right? No, not when the Folk genre is the hands of Wolfie's Just Fine. In the song “A New Beginning,” three curious boys watch a horror film with a nude scene. One falls for the women (played by Leah Kilpatrick) just before she meets her untimely demise. Confused, he projects himself into the film.
     The same boy (Gabriel Bateman) stars in the video “It’s a Job.” He angrily rides his bike into the woods to unbury and awaken four barbarians who can bring him justice. But he changes his mind moments before directing the barbarians to destroy his home.    

Written, directed, and edited by Jon Lajoie
Co-directed by Brandon Dermer
Produced by Ray Blanco

Written by Wolfie's Just Fine (Jon Lajoie)
Guitar, vocals, backing vocals: Jon Lajoie
Guitar, bass, backing vocals: Joe Corcoran
Drums, percussion: Lester Nuby
Produced by Joe Corcoran

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