Sunday, January 15, 2017

Abel Raise the Cain – Song Reviews

     As fans of band vocals, we enjoy the work of Abel Raise the Cain. The sound of the seven-piece band, which is based in Teesside, UK, is sometimes thunderously orchestral and sometimes hushed, but always well conceived.
     The most recent release is “Every Rise.” The song has a greater emphasis on percussion than many of the songs of Abel Raise the Cain, but otherwise closely follows the formula of the band’s sound.

     The members of Abel Raise the Cain are Sean Crichton (guitar, vocals), Adam Hicks (drums), Gary Hughes (bass, vocals), Shaun Buckle (guitar, vocals), Andy Grange (guitar), Gaz Murray (keys), and Saerla Murphy (violin). 

     “Every Rise” by Abel Raise the Cain

     “Black Swans” by Abel Raise the Cain

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