Wednesday, January 18, 2017

“Bow Down” (feat. Cryptic Wisdom) by I-NZ – A Song Review

     Indie Obsessive doesn’t run away from genre-diversity, but doesn’t run toward it either. The contributors to this blog recognize their weaknesses and strengths. It’s happenstance that the posts over the last week have been more distributed around the genre map than is our usual pattern. The posts have visited Rock, Folk, Ambient, Pop…. When a song is found that urges us to share it, we aren’t patient.
     This post features a Hip-Hop song. “Bow Down” carries some Eminem-like elements, but stands on its own feet. The song belongs to I-NZ, and features Cryptic Wisdom.

     Quoting his Facebook bio:
I-NZ is a Dubai based MC from New Zealand. Formerly part of the rap group Traknotz, I-NZ has embarked on a solo journey with the aim of creating meaningful and conscientious music.
     “Bow Down” (feat. Cryptic Wisdom) by I-NZ

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