Tuesday, January 24, 2017

“Speak and Spell” by Glass Peaks – A Song Review

     Glass Peaks shared a second single and erased any doubt as to whether they are a band that should be tracked in 2017. “Speak and Spell” is a skillfully arranged collection of musical elements. Hooks that indeed hook the attention of a listener, shouts of “Hey” to signal starts of the band-vocal chorus, and processing of the lead vocals in the final third of the song in order to increase the effectiveness of the message.
     In the first minute of “Speak and Spell,” there is a low frequency modulation having the sound of an electro-Theremin, which goes back in Rock to at least 1966, when the Bach Boys employed the device in “Good Vibrations.” It’s not a Theremin, but hearing the sound brought a smile.

      Glass Peaks are based in London. The four members are Lewis O’Brien (vocals, guitar), Jake Cox (guitar), Alfie Jeffries (bass, synth), and Grant Tugwell (drums).
     “Speak and Spell” by Glass Peaks (Thank you Rebel Rebel Artists & Wham Head Records for allowing posts before next week’s release.)

Glass Peaks - "Speak And Spell" (Live at Moshhh)

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