Monday, January 16, 2017

Whistling Indie – Still Going Strong

     An Indie Obsessive post in October 2013 featured Indie songs that included whistling (CLICK HERE, if you're interested in the earlier post). There have been other posts with songs that included whistling, but it’s time to dedicate another post to the skill.

     LP is short for Laura Pergolizzi. Staying with initials, LP was born in NY, but is now a resident of LA. Her song is “Lost on You.

     Plàsi is a Swedish singer/songwriter with Greek roots. This is the title track of his debut EP "Now & Then." If you enjoy his soft vocals and acoustic guitar, we recommend you listen to “Alone.”

     “Winter Is Coming” was released by Firewoodisland in 2015. Listening to only the lead vocals, Passenger comes to mind. But the additional quality voices and the trumpet distinguishes the song from anything in the discography of Passenger. The members of Firewoodisland are Stian Vedøy, Abi Eleri Vedøy, Stephen Allen, Rowan Blake Talbot and Dylan Jones. They claim Bristol, UK as their hometown.

     Mountains of the Moon are Adam Huttunen, Martin Zaar, Jessica Tjörnmark, and Alexander Lund. They are based in Stockholm, Sweden.
     “How I Leapt from the Stratosphere” by Mountains of the Moon


     Saint Motel is on the Friday schedule for BottleRock Festival in Napa, as well as many other impressive 2017 events.
     “You Can Be You” by Saint Motel


     RIVVRS is singer/songwriter based in California. He will perform at The Neck of the Woods in San Francisco on January 28.
     “Hold On” by RIVVRS

     “Gone” by Jr Jr – This one would be higher in the post, if it contained more whistling (in fact, we're not certain whether it's machine-generated whistling).


Honorable Mentions
 “Whistle King” by The Georgia Flood
“Cool Girl” by Diva Faune – good Folktronica
 “All and Everyone” by Small Feet
“Through the Valley” by Shawn James (Hozier style)
“Goji Berry Sunset” by Jealous of the Birds
“Bloom” by The Paper Kites
Timeflies – Once In A While (Acoustic Version)
“Hearts a Gun” by Gypsy & The Cat
“Fire” by Snowfox Noisy
“Beautiful” by Nia Ekanem
“By Spring We’ll Be New People” by Bear Paw
“Rut & Nuzzle” by Snowblink
“Different Kind of Love” by Kid Runner
“Wake Up” by Jaya 

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