Thursday, January 12, 2017

“Kerosene” by Colour – A Song Review

     “Kerosene” is a well executed mesh both of Rock with Pop elements and of up-tempo melody with catch-your-breath respites. The emphasis of the song is upon the guitar, but not on extended guitar notes. Rather, it’s the quick-twitch guitar of the type we find more entertaining to witness in a live performance. If Colour were paid by the number of occurrences of a guitar pick contacting a string, this would be a profitable song. Also, if the quality of a track were the only factor in determining Indie success, this would be a profitable song.

     “Kerosene” is the handiwork of Colour, a British band (northwest England) formed of James Tidd (vocals, guitar, keys), Scott Harvey (guitar, keys), Liam Downey (bass) and Connor Dickson (percussion).

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