Friday, June 2, 2017

“A Morning Song” by Miner – A Song Review

     “A Morning Song” is a rousing proclamation of commitment and an invitation to share in the joy of recognizing that difficulties can be weathered if you are with the right person/people:
Here comes the first light 
After a dark night 
My love is sunshine
Turning a black sky gold.” 

     Fittingly, "A Morning Song" is the product of family and friends. The family is the husband-and-wife team of Justin and Kate Miner, along with Justin’s brother Jeremy Miner. The friends are their bandmate, Tobias Urbanczyk, and about fifteen invitees to the recording session, who aided with the clapping and singing.

     The members of Miner are familiar with weathering difficulties. Kate’s mother and two sisters have been diagnosed with the neuro-degenerative condition called Huntington’s Disease. After sorting through the many emotions that begin percolating upon receiving such news, Kate (and the other members of Miner) began working with the medical community and policymakers to find a cure and to increase awareness of the condition.

     Miner is a Folk Rock band in Los Angeles. Their song “Better Instincts” was included in a 2015 post of Indie Obsessive. The band is now working with Matt Linesch (Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros), who produced and engineered "A Morning Song." The single will be among the tracks on Miner’s upcoming EP “Headwaters.” The release date of the EP has not been announced.

     “A Morning Song” by Miner

Miner is:
Justin Miner (vocals, guitar)
Kate Miner (vocals, keys, mandolin, harmonica)
Jeremy Miner (vocals, lead guitar, banjo)
Tobias Urbanczyk (drums, percussion)

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